The Subtle Art of Writing by Hand

Many have forgotten the functions of a feather – not I
Scribbling letters to old friends under the starry sky
With focused eyes, joints stretched taut, the wrist always light
The ink flowing, dancing between straight lines with delight

The dark liquid, always black when the evening lingers
Gushing from the vains in between my fingers
Lay bare the shy demons that roam within
Who only come out to show their face in sin

Face the fire! Let your soul bleed and fill the page
And let them sing for you, like a bird in a cage
Lost childhood, chant and scream wth scorn
For in the distance, already a new dawn is born


In the Heart of the Camargue

In the heart of the Camargue
When the sun goes down
A voice lights up a spark
Bringing the ocean in the town

As the evening winds swoon
From a finger on the strings
Comes a peculiar tune
That the gypsies sing

Toccato ka gitara
Come on, play, play
Toccato ka gitara
And play the day away

In the heart of the Camargue
When the sun goes down
A shadow lingers in the dark
As the tears in the ocean drown

Seeing on the shore
Childhood memories of long ago
Of the gypsy beauty at the fore
That his heart did love so

Toccato ka gitara
Come on, play, play
Toccato ka gitara
And play the day away

The Horse

I was really, really much happier before
Much happier before, when I was a horse
When I hauled, Madam, your carriage
Beautiful Madam, in the streets of Bordeaux

But you wanted that I be your lover
You even wanted that I leave my mare
I was only a horse, yes, yes, but you took advantage
By love for you, I de-mared myself

And since then, every night
In your bed of white satin
I miss my stable
My stable and my mare

I was really, really much happier before
Much happier before, when I was a horse
When you lumped, Madam, the mound to the ground
Beautiful Madam, when you forced the deer

But you wanted that I learn good manners
You wanted that I walk on my hind legs
I was only a horse, yes, yes, but you screwed me
By love for you, I hindlegged myself

And since then, every night
When we dance the tango
I miss my stable
My stable and my gallop

I was really, really much happier before
Much happier before, when I was a horse
That I walked you, Madam, on my back
Beautiful Madam, in the forests of Fontainebleau

But you wanted that I be your banker
You even wanted that I start singing
I was only a horse, yes, yes, but you abused it
By love for you, I diversified myself

And since then, every night
When I sing “Don’t ever leave me”
I miss my stable
And my former silences

And then, and then, you left, radically
With a zebra, with a zebra badly scratched
The day, Madam, when I refused you
To learn how to mount a horse

But you had taken me, my mare
My silence, my hooves
My stable, my gallop
You only left me my teeth

And here is why I run, I run
I run the world, neighing
Seeing myself being refused love
By the women and the mares

I was really, really much happier before
Much happier before, when I was a horse
When I walked, Madam, your carriage
When I was a horse and you were a camel

With Time

With time
With time all goes away
We forget the face and we forget the voice
The heart, when it stops beating, it’s not needed to go
Looking further, we have to let go and it’s all good

With time
With time all goes away
The one that we adored, that we looked for in the rain
The one we recognized from just a swift look
Between the words, between the lines and under make-up
Of a made-up pledge, that went up in the night
With time all disappears

With time
With time all goes away
Even the best memories give you their cold shoulder
At the gallery I fumble in the aisles of death
Saturday evening when tenderness leaves all alone

With time
With tume all goes away
The one in whome we believed for a cold, for nothing
The one to whom we gave the wind and some gold
For whom we would have sold our souls for a few cents
In front of whom we dragged ourselves, like dogs drag
With time all goes well

With time
With time all goes away
We forget the passions and we forget the voices
Which whispered softly the words of poor people
Don’t return too late, make sure not too catch a cold

With time
With time all goes awat
And we feel bleached like an exhausted horse
And we feel frozen in a bed of chance
And we feel alone, but at ease
And we feel blurred by the years lost
Then really, with time, we don’t love anymore


Because you have blue eyes
Your hair enjoys defying the sun
With its radiance of fire

Because you’re just twenty
You bite at life like it’s a red fruit
That is picked while laughing

You think all is allowed and do just as you want
Sorry for a moment, ready to start again
You play with my heart like a spoiled child
Who asks for a toy only to smash it to pieces

Because I have too much love
You come to steal my nights from deep in my sleep
And make my days cry

Because I have only you
The heart my only master and master of my heart
Our law is made by love

Because you live in me
And nothing replaces the moments of happiness
That I take in your arms

I won’t care neither for God nor men
I’m ready to die if you would die one day
For death is just a game compared to love
And life is nothing without the love it gives us

Because I’m on the threshold
Of an eternal love, I would that my heart
Would not be mourning


The Snow Between our Worlds

It’s but a single smile that will imprison
Young and lustful souls into vengeful chains
And like sailors will lead them in loud storms
With vain promises that feed men’s lost hearts

Thus we sail, between the barren gulfs of youth
The crashing waves on our bare backs recall
Fresh springs of old now contained on far lands
Where men roam free among other free men

So we labour, the lighthouse gleams in vain
Such is our fate, passing shimmering rocks
Which hide velvet dreams in which lovers sleep
And whose moans can be heard in the deep night

Lovely is the wavy snow that brushes outside
Between the branches in the streets that
Separate us between the cold and the felt and
The distance that exists between touchless people

Through these winter curtains of white ice
I gaze wondering toward these masts breaking
Through glass oceans which like shattered mirrors
Reflect your face into my gray and tired eyes

Oh, how I long to join these decks on which
Lost sailors row to survive and to live
Another day with the hope of warmth and a home
Even though the black and hidden rocks loom ahead

Uncertain Love

Why, when that sweet smile disappears
behind revolving doors am I, suddenly
clothed in cold and dreary thoughts
and kept awake by these cursed doubts

Why, when no immediate response comes
do I feel desperate, yearning for love
for companionship, for reciprocity
and feel my stomach in my throat

Why, why do I start doubting all these
things which only minutes before seemed
clear, when the sun was shining, and the
future was bright and I was less sad

What is it with us, heart amputees
who feel to be opening our arms in vain
only te be embraced by uncertainty
and the lingering doubts in the night

And when, when that response comes at last
we twist and turn it, and seem never
satisfied, never glad to see our unconditional
love reflected in the absent enthusiasm

Are we condemned, dear world, to always suffer
through these tribulations, these tortures of
the soul, which simmer our blood, pain our hearts
and leave us crying at night, like a child

Is it that, then, that we have not grown up
have not been hardened by time, have not opened
our arms in vain enough, have not been stomped on,
have not been stepped upon, abused and used

Well, it is perhaps better to remain a child
and cry for banalities and trivialities
than to suffer like only an adult can
and cry unendingly like a child over real
that has vanished
with our tears
into oceans of regrets

So to you, my love, to whom I appear cool and
unmoved. To you, love, I send this message
which you will never see, since the gates of
shame are never to be opened between us

In the hope, yes, that it will be read by
ghosts who shall pass my words to you, disguised
and you shall at once get up and head my way
sprint a little in anticipation and soon, I’m sure
soon knock on my door, and I shall open it, and I
shall react with surprise, and we shall embrace, and
we shall tell each other all the things we never could
and never leave each other and

it’s already late and I must get up at dawn
while you will still be sleeping in between white sheets
and I shall be heading to my livelihood, thinking only of you
and you, at peace, thinking of everything else